Shri Hiralalji Parekh was born on Oct 28th 1953 at Balotra, Rajasthan. His father Shri Champalalji Parekh & grandfather Shri Gaekchandji Parekh together instilled in him moral values from a very young age .Hiralalji gained not only wealth but also charity and social work as his inheritance from his parents & grandparents which he continued to do & made him so different.

His family had moved from Rajasthan to Gandhidham quite early , he received his formal education in Adarsh Maha Vidhyalaya , where he completed his SSC in 1970. Being the eldest in the family he took on responsibility at a very young age . He was fondly known as Hirabhai . His professional journey started in the year 1970. He was an active key member of Champalal Group of Companies as a director of Ankur Chemfood Ltd & Doongarsee Salt & Chemical Works Pvt. Ltd.

He became a very popular & important person in the salt industry. He became the President of Indian Salt Manufacturers Association { ISMA } where he contributed valuable services to the salt industry. He hosted the International Salt Conference which was held for the first time in India in Ahmedabad in the year 2010. The event was inaugurated by the then CM of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi.