About School

Every child born has a right to grow to her/his full potential irrespective to gender class, caste, or religion and being differently abled. Unfortunately many children are deprived of this opportunity or lack necessary support for unleashing their creative potential. One such case is the children suffering from hearing impairment. With right intervention at appropriate stage, every such child can learn to communicate in spoken language and become independent in the mainstream of society. We have personally experienced early intervention has transformed life of child and their family.

Everyone deserves the gift of hearing who otherwise be suffering in the world of silence .The mission of the foundation is "No child is left deaf "echoes the above stated desire to break the world of silence For children with hearing loss, schools and preschools can be noisy and thus difficult learning environment. This preschool aims to overcome these obstacles with small teacher to student staff ratio and staff who are trained specifically in language stimulation and development to order to facilitate the transition to school. Includes socialization skills, language, cognition, fine and gross motor skills music and craft activities.

All activities are based on early years learning framework and have been designed to develop children social, intellectual, emotional, and physical skills in a enjoyable learning environment. Our staff is experienced in working with children with or without hearing loss. This school is perfectly equipped to help prepare all children for the school environment.